Insert your Digital Signature into Microsoft Word Documents

Friday, April 24, 2009
you can add your Digital Signature into Word Documents.

First of all scan your signature page and then save image using (.GIF or .JPEG) extension.
Click on Start button, go to Program then click on Microsoft Word to run the word page.
Now go to Insert menu, click on Picture> From File then browses your scanned signature file and click Insert button to add this file in word.

To save your signature for reuse in future documents, highlight the signature graphic, and then choose insert AutoText-New. Here a new Create Auto Text dialog box will appear. Name your signature and click ok.

Now just type the name the file of your signature and press Enter to insert your signature in the future or choose insert AutoText-Normal then click on signature name. There is no need of ink, Word jump down in your digital signature.

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