The price of Windows 7 revised downwards

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
While Microsoft should reveal the price of three editions of Windows general public very soon, it could be that they have been revised downwards.

A hundred dollars for the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Home, is it possible? Yes Computerworld says the site which requires that Microsoft might lower rates editions and updated versions of Windows 7 box.

The analysis is based on the price reduction applied in February 2008 to Vista. At that time, the rates of the three versions of updating the OS had experienced a significant reduction: Vista Home Premium was increased from 159 to 129 dollars and Vista Ultimate from 260 to 220 dollars. Our colleagues have applied the same percentage reduction to Windows 7 to guess tariffs envisaged.

Overall reduction of 10%?

Thus, the updated Windows Vista Home 7 could be offered at $ 106 and Windows 7 Ultimate $ 186. The site also advance an alternative hypothesis, that of an overall reduction of 10% tariffs would this: update 7 Windows Home Premium $ 117, Windows 7 Pro and $ 180 Ultimate $ 198.

Microsoft will now reveal to the official prices of its new OS. Without presage of what will be announced at least one can assume that the Redmond company has been attentive to the expectations of consumers and businesses in these times of crisis.

Windows 7 Home Premium for 49 dollars

Engadget published a memo from Best Buy, an American distributor, which reveals information on the price of Windows 7. The company plans to begin marketing the OS pre-order from 26 June at a price of 49 dollars for the updated version of Home Premium and $ 99 for the Pro edition.

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