How to Print two pages per sheet

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
The main trouble with printing 2 pages on a single sheet is that some older inkjte printers won't print very close to the bottom of the page, which translates to the right margin of a two column sheet. This can result in uneven margin sizes. Laser printers, and most modern inkjets can cope just fine , some times problem may come in printers and you will need to take printer support from computer support company.

Adjusting Microsoft Word
The first step is to change the page layout from the usual portrait to landscape. Click on the file menu and select page setup.. . You may need to click on the little double arrow if Word is not showing the whole menu. Now click on the Layout tab, and select landscape for the orientation. Now click ok to save the changes.

The next step is to get word to split this wide page into two columns, so each one will be A5 in size. Click on the format menu, and select columns. The simplest approach is to just use the presets and choose the two column layout. Make sure apply to field at the bottom of the dialog box is set to Whole Document and click ok to save the changes.

Remember that now we are printing A5 pages, you may want to use a slightly smaller font size than normal so that the text looks the right size for the page.
The same steps as above can be used for making 3 column handouts as well.