How to remove Hacktool.Rootkit Antivirus from a system?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Follow these Steps to Remove Hacktool.Rootkit Antivirus from your system:

1. First of all restart your system in SAFE MODE and then Turn Off All the System Restores by going through My Computer--> Properties --> System Restore --> Turn Off System Restore for all drives.

2. Make all the folders and sub folders(hidden and unhidden ones) viewable.

3. Check for the C:\Documents & Settings and Check for each of the sub -folders even the hidden ones. Since , this virus is used to hack password , therefore , it generally makes a folder in this directory only.

4. There you will find some suspicious file ,(On my system it was a shield icon on the task bar and a folder like 12343456 something in the C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data) which will have a link at the desktop and in the task bar as well. This can be judged by looking which icon is this using in task bar. Delete that folder.

5. the anti virus on your system.

6. Download the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware since this virus creates registry entry as well.

7. Then restart the system in normal mode with System Restore off.

8. Execute the Malware Byte and scan the whole system. It is pretty fast and will do all the scanning within few minutes and will ask to remove and repair the infected registries. Allow it.

9. Then execute the Anti-virus on your machine in full mode.

8. Turn the System Restore ON and restart your system.


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