Stop Error While Installing or Upgrading to Windows Vista

Thursday, May 5, 2011
Windows Vista offers several features that make it reliable, manageable, and easy to deploy and overriding over its predecessors (Windows XP, 2000 etc.). If you are attempting to install or upgrade to Windows Vista on your hard drive and receive some errors, the chances are that the hard drive is damaged. In such situations, you need to restore lost data from backup or alternatively, use Hard Drive Recovery tools (if data backup is damaged, not updated or absent).

As a practical instance, you try to install or upgrade to Windows Vista and encounter the below error message:

"Stop: 0x0000007B"

Windows Vista installation fails after this error message.


This stop error implies that Windows Vista setup or Windows Vista is not able to access startup files. It happens when it cannot access the respective hard drive. Possible reasons of this behavior are:

- Hard drive cabling issues
- Incompatible driver for the disk controller device
- Your computer is infected from boot sector virus
- MBR (Master Boot Record) is being used by some other program
- You are using a faulty hard drive


You need to follow these methods to correct ‘Stop: 0x0000007B’ error message issue:

- Make sure that all the hard drive cables are properly connected and healthy
- If incompatible driver is the issue, you require downloading it and using Load Driver option of Windows Vista setup. If it doesn’t help, perform a clean installation of Windows Vista and download compatible drivers.

- Check your system for viruses using antivirus scanning. If problem persists, reformat your hard drive and restore data from backup. If you find data backup as damaged or incomplete, you need to use Hard Drive Recovery software for complete recovery purpose.

- Ensure that no other program is using MBR.

- If hard disk corruption is the issue, replace your hard drive and restore lost data from backup.

In case of backup issues, consult Hard Disk Recovery technicians. Data recovery service is the technical aid provided to extract lost data from crashed hard drives.

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