How To Scan For Spyware In Windows Vista

Friday, February 20, 2009
Before telling how to scan for spyware in windows vista i will like to tell you first what is spyware , spyware is a program which resides in your computer without your knowledge and sends important information like your credit card details to other persons , Spyware, which is software that is installed on your computer usually without your knowledge or consent, can overwhelm your system with unwanted pop-up ads, and will almost certainly monitor and record your Web-surfing activities transmit this data to one or more third parties. Although these third parties are often companies seeking marketing data, they can be more sinister forces: hackers who want your personal information, such as passwords, or who want to sabotage your computer.

Even if the spyware on your computer is relatively benign, its presence can dramatically affect the performance of your machine. your Windows settings without your knowledge.) Fortunately, you can use Windows Defender to scan your system for spyware. If spyware is detected, Windows Defender can uninstall it automatically. If you like, you can schedule automatic scans to occur on a regular basis. (Windows Defender also offers a realtime protection feature — enabled by default — to alert you if a spyware program attempts to install itself on your machine or if any program attempts to change

1) Go to start menu
2) Click control panel
3) Click security link
4) Click scan for spyware and other potentially
unwanted defender

This will scan your computer for possible spyware

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