How to save Web Pages on Your Computer

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Today tip will help you to save any webpage on your disk in proper way. Many times you find a webpage, which want to view or read when you are not connected to the internet. It's happened to you dozens of times in a month. Here I have solution to this problem, almost all web browsers allow you to save any webpage to your computer and when you can enjoy those pages whenever you want. There are many options in web browser to save your favorite web pages.

First open your favorite web page then go to File menu in web browser to save that page. In File menu choose Save as option here. You should browse to any folder where you want to save that webpage and choose the proper format to save it in.

This option saves the webpage in its regular HTML format. With this format, Internet Explorer saves all the graphics of that webpage only in one folder.

Using this option, the explorer saves the webpage in a single file in a zipped format which is known as Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML. There are no folders creating with this technique and it save all the graphics of webpage in only one file. If you don't want to use the code of HTML, this format is better to save any file because this option saves all the files in a single file.

With this option you can save only the HTML portion of the webpage, with this option you can save webpage without any graphics. For the next time when you will try to open the page which you have saved though it might be difficult to read because graphics are normally use to hold the pieces of webpage together. If you want to reuse the HTML in a webpage you want to create then choose this option.

You can save a webpage as text format (text only) with using this option. If you want to save only text from a page and you do not want about the pictures then this is good option for you.
When you want to read that saved page, open your browser and go to File menu and then browse to that folder where you have saved that pages.

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