Four Reasons to Love Windows Vista

Thursday, September 3, 2009
New graphics system
Windows Vista includes a new graphics system for computer support of Aero. Microsoft has done with vector graphics icons and thumbnails in Windows Explorer. Here you see the real images of the photos in a folder in Windows Vista. Image enhancements include the ability to preview your open tasks along the taskbar DVD playback more stable, and the ability to browse a lot of open tasks using the Tab key plus the Windows key.

Built-in search
Included in all editions of Windows Vista operating system support is the integrated search function and labeling. This allows you to create virtual folders content search. Say you're doing a report on mountains; any file that is keyword-enabled to include "mountains" will be grouped into a virtual folder without physically dragging that file to a new location. The downside is that older files (such as upgrading your system from Windows XP or imported data from an earlier version of Windows) will have to be retroactively met tagged be searchable.

New file system
Although the ambitious new WinFS file system was scrapped from the beginning, Microsoft signs on his future within the functionality of Windows Vista. Gone are the backslashes and directory tree structure. Now you can save your favorite searches in virtual format to create ad hoc collections without dragging and dropping files. You can also make public files to share with others.

Perhaps the first feature you'll notice is the new sidebar on the desktop and the three Gadgets default, the Microsoft version of Apple's Widgets. The default gadgets display the current time, photos of the library, and any Internet Explorer 7, RSS subscription, with the option to add more gadgets to meet your needs.