Windows 7 in action: A smarter way to manage windows

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Over the past few months, I’ve snapped hundreds of screenshots of the Windows 7 interface, for use in galleries here at ZDNet (like this one and this one) and in Windows 7 Inside Out. But static screenshots don’t do justice to some of the nuances of actually using a feature. So when ZDNet’s crack video production team offered to help me to produce some screencasts, I jumped at the chance.

You’ve no doubt heard about Aero Snap and Aero Shake. Here’s a chance to see these features in action. (Hint: Click the Full Screen button, in the lower right corner, just to the right of the Menu button, to see the most detail.)

I actually remember the first time I saw this feature demonstrated for me. I was immediately impressed with the idea that simple mouse gestures could make window management so much easier. That’s especially important these days, when 20- and 24-inch monitors are commonplace.

In fact, after using Windows 7 for nearly a full year, I have to confess that I’m spoiled by this feature more than any other. When I use a computer running another operating system—Windows Vista, XP, or even OS X—I really miss the ability to maximize and minimize a window with a flick of the mouse or to snap a window into position on the side of the screen.

This is the first of four Windows 7 demos that I’ve done in this series. Look for the next one next week at this time.