Fix Security Tool on Windows PC - Security Tool Fix

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Security Tool is nothing more than a fake antivirus program that's been designed to trick you into buying the upgraded version of this software. It will show you a series of false antivirus results, and will also cause your computer a lot of damage as it attempts to extort money from you & steal your details. It's often described as a "wolf dressed in sheep's clothing" - because of the way it tries to lure you into buying the upgrade by showing a series of fake results. If you have this virus, it's essential you get rid of it immediately from your PC, and here's how to do that...

This infection is what many experts label as a "malware" (malicious software) virus. Unlike typical viruses, which hide on your system, this program will actually install a software program to try and trick you into taking some sort of action. There are a lot of these rogue software programs around, and the fact is that they are no good at all for your PC. Furthermore, removing these viruses will actually cause a huge number of problems for your system, as they will actually plant a series of other harmful pieces of software onto your computer along-side the Security Tool infection.

Removing Security Tool is actually quite difficult because of the way it installs itself onto your system. Not many people know this, but this program will install a LOT more than just a simple antivirus program onto your PC. It places a large number of other virus programs called "Key Loggers". If you have not heard of these - they are a type of spyware virus which will basically install onto your system and then monitor all your Internet activity. This not only means that the hackers will get instant access to your personal details, but they'll also be profiting from the fake product they try and get you to buy. It also means that manual removal of this virus is impossible - as all the hidden programs that are on your system will just bring the virus back again. If you did want to try and manually remove this application, you should delete the folder below:

* %UserProfile%\Application Data46550101

The recommended removal method for Security Tool is to use what's known as a "spyware removal program". This type of tool is a software program which will scan through your PC and fix any of the infected files, settings & programs that are on your PC. We recommend XoftSpy because of the way it is made by a huge, trustworthy company in Canada, and was the program that was able to fix the most errors on our test computer. To use this tool, you should download it onto a PC that's not infected (Security Tool blocks the download of actual security programs), and then transfer it over to your infected PC. After that, let it scan your system and remove the various infections that have been placed onto it.

You can remove Security Tool by using the tutorial and tools on our website. Click Here to remove Security Tool from your PC for good Fix Slow computer