Features of Windows 7 Help & Support

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aside from the issue of convenience, the Microsoft team has introduced advance features that provide a system of comprehensive support. This feature of support and help that can be found within windows 7 help does not only give general or specific information on how to play with windows. It also gives timely answers and solutions to the specific problems users are facing. The answers are straight from Team Microsoft.

You can open the windows 7 help and support page by clicking on start and then clicking on the "help and support" option

Three links are integrated into the Windows that opens just in case you are not sure of where to begin from.

1. How you can begin using your computer displays a list of topics that varies from installing software to advanced system protection.

2. You can also learn the basics of windows operations and management with the link that talks about this. The topics therein are further categorized into six major groups which are:

How to use your system
The fundamentals of your desktop area
Files, folders and programs
Networking, email and internet
Games and pictures
Support and Help

3. You can peruse topics on help that displays pages that contains links on how to manage your hardware, drivers and devices.

It does not end there since the Windows that displays the help and support is an integral function of a small box labeled "Search." This box can be used for searching for detailed topics within Windows 7 Help.

Users are not limited to that since this Windows allow user to customize their computer. You can select a new image for your desktop, an element of window with an accompany color scheme, newer screen savers and customized sound effects.

If you wish to personalize your computer, all you need to do is use the right mouse button on any part of your desktop. Choose the "personalize" option which is the last on the list that appears. You can now control your screen with the use of just your fingers. Scrolling through pages on the internet and opening applications or programs have been made easy; thanks to this cutting-edge and simple technology. Photos can now be sorted and resized using natural effects and methods. If you want all these, you need to use a monitor with touch-screen capability.

You will discover that Windows 7 comes with bigger icons that can be accessed easily in contrast to the earlier versions of Microsoft operating systems. The start orb, icons in the taskbar and the main explorer clearly stand out and can be tapped with a finger. People who user pointing devices or their fingers for arranging documents and pictures or starting a media application for playing songs will really enjoy this feature.

For instance, you can easily zoom on an image by simply moving two fingers in opposite directions. This causes the image to zoom in. if you want to zoom out, the reverse is carried out - the fingers are moved close together. When you rotate just a finger around another one on an image, the image will rotate on the desktop.

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