Help and Support For Windows 7 Installation and Upgrade

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
If you are planning to upgrade from a previous version of Windows to Windows 7 - the new version offered by Windows, it is important to have a closer look at the options.

If you want to go for the upgrade, it is important to check if Windows 7 is compatible. You can use a program called the Windows 7 upgrade advisor, which is released by Microsoft to help you check the compatibility of your system with Windows 7. You simply need to download, install, and run this program on your PC and you will be immediately notified in case it detects any compatibility issues with upgrade option. Once you find that your system is compatible with Windows 7, you can proceed with installation part.

But, Installing Windows 7 can be a difficult task if the steps are not correctly followed. You need to have a basic understanding, before putting the operating system disc into your computer. It's necessary to know the hardware and programs installed in your computer so you can easily carry out the installation process.

Installing new Windows 7 will surely make it perform at its best. This could save you some money by avoiding highly-priced home PC repair, or other software repair utilities. Keep in mind that the procedure for installing Windows 7 operating system is same for both your laptop and desktop computers. Here are the steps for installing Windows 7 on your computer:

1. Before installing, download and run a Windows Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft website. You need to see the results to check if there are any issues that can crop up in the installation of Windows 7.

2. Make a backup of all your important files.

3. Get all the product codes, compact disks, and drivers for the installation. When you install the operating system, you also have to reinstall all the existing hardware drivers, like the printer and network cards.

4. Insert the Windows 7 disc and reboot your computer. While rebooting, a black screen might appear asking if you wish to boot from the compact disc. If this appears, press any key to begin the installation.

5. Accept the License Agreement.

6. Next screen will appear. It will ask you if you want to upgrade. The upgrade only works if you have Windows Vista on your computer. Choose custom if you are going to upgrade from Win XP. Custom choice will delete all programs and files from your drive.

7. Next, choose the partition or drive that will contain the new Windows 7.

8. A series of screens will appear asking you to enter some important information. These are really easy steps, and you just have to press some keys according the given instructions.

9. Windows 7 welcome screen will show up.

10. The final step is to install all the devices and software utilities on your computer. Now your new operating system is ready for use!

Remember that your computer must be compatible with Windows 7. Installing Windows 7 is easy. Just make sure you follow these steps. If you have questions, you can go to the Microsoft website for Windows 7 help or call for experts providing Windows 7 support.

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